Traditionally billboards have been fixed advertising panels located in various areas to display an advertisers message. In more recent years the definition of a billboard has evolved to include a wide variety of formats, designs and styles including bus shelters, digital and electronic signage. This has therefore evolved the industry, transforming the everyday billboard into new mediums, resulting in the ‘billboard’ industry re-branding itself as an overall Out of Home Media provider. The traditional and much loved billboards are still very successful promotional tactics and a part of our everyday lives. The industry has changed dramatically in the last 30 years and is now looking even further into the future to more modern technology.

If you are looking for something different, we can offer you the potential to develop one off concepts and projects. This can be anything that your creative team may think of, if you think it is viable and that your company or client will love it we will endeavor to make it happen. We have a depth of experience in many projects for different clients and are happy to discuss any idea you may have – no matter if it is the biggest or smallest yet.

From the Georgia, Ukraine, Iran, Turkey and Russia, Alborz Pooya has a wide variety of sites across the region on offer to you. Our vast distribution means your company can reach its desired target audience, whether that may be your neighbor, near by work places, city commuters, FIFO workers, tourists or farmers.